RGB Care Social Responsibility

/RGB Care Social Responsibility
The core areas for RGB Care are environment, education and health.

At RGB, we believe that educated people are pillars of a progressive society. We encourage employee volunteerism throughout the year for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and government supported educational programs.

Health and Wellness

Our concern for the health and wellness of our employees and society is deeply rooted in the old saying health is wealth. Our team always conduct health awareness programs and wellness events to promote spread awareness about seasonal endemics and serious illnesses.


At RGB, we are committed to minimize our carbon footprint and maximize productivity. We are committed to employ our technology in a way to help our clients with minimum energy consumption and maximum productivity. We believe that energy efficient solutions are an asset to any organization. We always take care to conceptualize and implement next-generation business solutions that make a positive impact on the environment.

We help our clients to use their resources more efficiently, save on time and efforts as well as increase the productivity.

To know more about CSR initiatives and energy-friendly solutions we deliver, feel free to contact our customer service experts at the earliest.