The Journalist

Digital News Gathering Solution – The Journalist App

The Journalist App is the most advanced Digital News gathering platform engineered to minimize the time, efforts and expenses involved in the traditional news gathering and broadcasting.

Based on the concept of 100% efficient digital News gathering for new-age broadcasters, this Journalist App can transform a regular Smartphone into a news gathering system, which can be integrated into your media infrastructure. It helps amateur news contributors as well as professionals to make the data available for broadcast in a matter of seconds.

When the Journalist App is employed as head – on control centre interface it allows journalists to effectively communicate with studio settings and make fresh data available for broadcast in the matter of seconds. The Journalist App allows customisation and add-on to suit your media infrastructure.

The Journalist is built to minimize the time it takes to AIR a content, conventionally in the NEWS gathering cycle where all news has to get to a NEWS bureau to be transmitted to the broadcasting center – The Journalist sets a new and faster route to this conventional method. The journalist is optimized for broadcasters and tailor made for broadcast environments, even in a turbulent cellular environment at 25 – 35 % savings in time can be expected. Unlike FTP or Folder share techniques the journalist platform’s communication & transmission techniques are optimized for utilizing the best available network speeds.

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