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RGB Broadcasting is one of the leading broadcast equipment suppliers and broadcast system integrator in India, with over 20+ leading brands in its product catalogue.

RGB Broadcasting delivers best media and broadcasting solutions from industrially accepted brands that delivers excellent results, maximizes performances and minimizes cost of operation, without compromising quality. Ultimately, we allow our clients and their customers to experience the power of broadcasting by taking advantage of best communication technologies.

Leveraging our industrial experience in one of the worlds most competitive businesses, RGB is now delivering digital media and broadcasting solutions in India. We have a reputation of delivering state-of-art studio and broadcasting solutions for reputed clients such as Star Sports India, Janam TV, Mathrubhumi News, etc. RGB offers the bottom-line support and services to our clients who want to migrate from traditional to high-definition broadcasting systems. We deliver industry leading digital broadcasting and media technology solutions covering the almost full range of broadcasting equipments from transmitters, radio and TV channel installations to sophisticated studio systems.

Our partnerships with worlds leading brands allow us to deliver best value solutions to our clients. Brands in our product catalogue are selected after a rigorous evaluation process, so our customers can have access to reliable technology solutions that will allow them to excel in their purpose and niche. Do you think its time to embrace state-of-art media and modern broadcasting installations that offer you tremendous growth possibilities and competitive edge in the niche? If yes, our broadcasting and media technology consultants will help you to identify your areas of growth, broadcast system design and branded broadcasting solutions that meet your purpose at the best market prices