/RGB Eye
RGB Eye is the new age Unified Document Management System that offers
Easy Document Access

Are you facing voluminous data onslaught? RGB Eye is at your disposal. It allows users to free up their office racks or systems and secure their documents in the document storage system -RGB Eye. Users can easily access the files from the remote work locations using the assigned ID and password.

Efficient Project Management

Project management is a necessity more than an art or science. The efficiency and productivity of a project depends on the way it is handled. Today, projects involve lots of documentation and efficient data management. It is becoming difficult for project managers to keep in track with the progress at different stages of project. They can now rely on RGB Eye to manage their project from remote locations without missing on important documents and different stages of project evolution.

Information Safety

Today, there is no shortage of cloud-based information management systems that assure easy information storage, but they fail to assure the information safety. The RGB Eye chooses to be different in this pretext. Information safety is a prime issue for us and we allow our clients to relax with assurance that their information is secured and they have the sole access to their documents.

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