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Yamaha O1V96I Digital Mixer

The 01V96i is a digital mixing console with USB 2.0 connectivity and used for playback and multi-track recording in live recordings. The USB connectivity enables you to physically control the console with the CUBASE software and offers great freedom to shape all expressive sound elements the way you want. With a single connect DAW integration and 96 kHz 16 in/16 out live audio streaming, it is now easier to capture, edit, produce and control professional level sound recordings anywhere you like.

The 01V96i dynamic digital processing encapsulates goodness of analogy circuit and helps to recreate stunning vintage sounds effortlessly. The 01V96i is engineered with gating/ducking processors for dynamics control, an independent channel compressor and 4-band parametric channel equalizers offering extra versatility with switchable type I or type II a channel delay and EQ algorithms.

Yamaha 01V96i is equipped with studio-quality head amps offering high-resolution and a brilliant acoustic experience. Yamaha 01V96i incorporates a broad range of 96 kHz compatible stereo effects that offers great sound flexibility without demanding conversion to a lower  sampling rate for effect processing as in other 24 bit/ 96kHz audio sources.

Digital Production Console (DM1000)

The Yamaha DM1000 is a digital mixer that allows brilliant sound experimentations and dynamic sound control for live and studio recordings. This digital console features a compact sleek rack-mountable body with 48 inputs and 18 mixing buses that allows creative experimentations as well as offers superior usability and flexibility. The DM1000 is equipped with 24-bit AD/DA converter and head amps on its analog inputs that delivers incredible sound experience and exposes to dynamic 110dB range. The console allows users to take advantage of all available functions at 96 kHz as EQ and delay on all input and output.

The DM1000VCM is empowered with iSSP technology that makes it easier to produce realistic sound effortlessly. The console allows dynamic range of sound experiments during live and studio sound recording by taking advantage of its Bass Management processor and a variety of surround effects.

The DM1000 offers superior control functions for a variety of DAWs such as CUBASE and is compatible with Studio Manager Version 2 (for Windows and Macintosh) as well as offers brilliant control over audio systems.