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Sharpmark Solutions deliver labelling solutions to telecommunications, construction and electrical industries. Its product range includes labelling products such as cable panels, module labels and patch panel labels.To know more about their products click here.

Sharpmark Excel Labels Cable Labels

The excel labels are self-laminating, wrap-round style cable labels that easily forms a laminating wrap around the cable and they are applied to produce an easy-to-read cable label. These cable labels are supplied on A4 sheets and developed for printing over the laser printer – with top 1/3rd becoming the print area and bottom 2/3rd made of clear polyester laminating the printed part when applied.

Sharpmark Excel Labels- Patch Panel Labels Adeshive

The patch panel labels are durable adhesive polyester labels built for all standard office laser printers. The labels are laser-printable, offered on A4 size sheets and come with radius corners that contributes to durable adhesiveness.

Sharpmark Tie on Labels

Sharpmark Tie on Cable Labels is perfect for labelling data cables, fiber optic bundles as well as electric cables. The LT10 label is made from durable polyester and proven for harsh environments. The tie on cable lables are offered on A4 sheets and printed through a standard office laser printer saving on your equipment. Each label sheet features micro-perforations that seperates them. The labels can be fixed using two cable ties and can be used for wide range of applications, thanks to two holes for a cable tie measuring 2.5mm to 4.8mm.