Photon Beard

Photon Beard manufactures lighting products and accessories for visual media such as film, TV and photography.To know more about their products click here.

LED Lighting (Video Maker Product of the Year 2015)

The PhotonBeam 80 (PB80) is the first fancy LED video light developed by the Photon Beard. This video light is becoming choice of budget conscious movie makers because it helps them to put their thoughts into the reality without overdoing their budget.

The PhotonBeam 80 combines remote phosphor technology to produce a light with no point sources. This feature combined with compact and low weight design makes it lot easier to manage PB80 in the same way as traditional tungsten light.

The PB80 produces no visible tint to eyes or in camera. It helps users to save time and efforts by producing a properly graded image. The PB80 saves time on editing irritating color casts or anomalies. The optional tungsten plate makes it great for eyes and the included barndoors helps to shape the light effectively.

Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) score – 95 for the daylight disc and 84 for the available tungsten disc.