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Clear-Com delivers professional voice communication systems around the globe. They manufacture and market industrially-accepted wired and wireless intercom system such as Digital Matrix, Intercom-over-IP systems and Analog & Digital Partyline for communication applications in performance zones, broadcasting stations, enterprise markets, military and government sectors, production trucks, live performance venues and more. Clear-Com talk back system and wireless intercom system are sought by broadcasters for their clarity, dependability and scalability. To see more about their product details, click here.


Clear-Com Wireless Intercom 

Clear-com has the widest range of intercom systems which can be used for professional users who needs stand alone wireless system or an integrated wireless solutions.

  • Wireless IFB Intercom  

Wireless IFB (interruptible fold back) systems operate between 614.400 and 691.100MHz. They are used for talent cueing and crew communications in broadcast and motion picture production.

  • HME DX100

    2.4GHz Digital Wireless

    Compact, portable, two-way communication. Up to 4 full-duplex or 15 push-to-transmit shared users. Single channel availability. License-free operations.

  • HME DX121

    2.4GHz Digital Wireless

    Powerful yet simple. Makes partyline/matrix headsets mobile or can be used standalone. Each system supports 1 full-duplex or 4 push-to-transmit shared beltpacks. Interface option to 4-wire intercom systems only.

  • HME DX200

    2.4GHz Digital Wireless

    Easy-to-use, affordable, and secure communication. Crystal-clear, interference-free communication for up to 4 full-duplex or 15 push-to-transmit shared users per base station and maximum of 60 users on four-linked systems.

  • FreeSpeak II

    1.89-1.93GHz or 2.4GHz

    High performance, wireless auto-roaming technology for large-scale opertions. Up to 5 channels per beltpack; 25 full-duplex beltpacks per base station or 50 users per seamless connection to Matrix frame

Digital Matrix Intercom 

The Eclipse and Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Platforms are the most advanced digital intercom technologies available in the market and they allow hassle-free intercommunication among production teams who conduct point-to-point and conference connections. The Eclipse HX family is engineered to address the complicated intercom requirements of production facilities and broadcasting teams.

Eclipse and Eclipse HX systems allow easy flow of data and communication signals within an intercom network connecting thousands of people. These advanced matrix systems possess higher scalability to meet constantly changing rigorous production demands and support the industrys most advanced 12-key/1RU panel, 24-key/2RU panel and 12-key Desktop panel forms with lever, pushbutton and rotary key forms delivering enriched experiences for day-to-day intercom. These advanced intercom matrix systems can be integrated with POTS, CAT5, Fiber, IP and MADI effortlessly, without compromising audio clarity and productivity.

FreeSpeak II 

FreeSpeak II is the futuristic distributed wireless solution that operates across the wide spectrum of license-free frequency bands: 1.897-1.933GHz and 2.4GHz around the globe. FreeSpeak II becomes the ideal wireless communication system for outdoor events because it is engineered to deliver crystal clear and continuous wireless communication and digital audio across the wide coverage area. Today, FreeSpeak is largely employed by broadcasters during mass sporting events, live events and well-suited for government and military applications as well.

FreeSpeak II supports maximum 25 Beltpacks in USA and 50 Beltpacks in Europe (in good conditions).

Digital Network Partyline

Clear-Com talk back system and Intercom system – Encore Partyline Systems are analog 2-wire group communications systems that offer matchless group communication capabilities and brilliant audio experiences. Known as the Clear-Com Sound, these Partyline systems with their plug-and-play design, unsurpassed audio clarity and dependable communication technologies are becoming favoured platform for audio experts around the world. Today, Partyline systems are largely employed at small to mid-sized production facilities, local broadcasting stations, theaters, schools and more.

Headsets & Accessories

Clear-Com talk back system and wireless intercom system delivers a vast range of handsets, headsets and microphones that offers excellent acoustic experiences to users. Clear-Com headsets are compatible with all Clear-Com Matrix and Partyline products as well as wired and wireless belt packs.

  • Intercom Headsets
  • Intercom Microphones
  • Intercom Handsets

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