CANFORD Audio Video Communication Equipments

//CANFORD Audio Video Communication Equipments

Canford is probably best recognized for its catalogue and website listing over 15,000 items aimed at those who use or install audio, video and communications equipment like Video Cables, Connectors, Cabling Accessories, Tools, Patch Panels etc. RGB Broadcasting is the authorized distributors for Canford brand products in India.

Find their exclusive product list below:

MakeCategoeryTypeModel CanfordItem Name
CanfordCablesVideo cable36-536SDV-L-LFH
CanfordCablesVideo cable36-607SDV-I-X-LFH
CanfordCablesVideo cable36-516SDV-LFH
CanfordCablesVideo cable36-516SDV-LFH
CanfordCablesVideo cable36-509SDV
CanfordCablesAudio Cable31-072FST
CanfordCablesMic Audio Cable30-152HST
CanfordCablesMultiPair Audio Cable31-008SM- 8 pair
CanfordCablesEthernet Cable31-008CAT6-F
CoaxConnectorsBNC 3G HD Male48-5041cable group X
CoaxConnectorsBNC 3G HD Male48-5043group Y
CoaxConnectorsBNC 3G HD Male48-5042group Q
CoaxConnectorsDIN 1.0/2.3 HD Male cable48-5002crimp, group X
CoaxConnectorsMICRO BNC HD Male cable48-5022crimp, group X
NeutrikConnectorsXLR NC3MXX41-032 Male cable
NeutrikConnectorsXLR NC3FXX41-031Female cable
NeutrikConnectorsJACK PLUG NP3X44-441JACK PLUG Stereo
CanfordConnectorsRJ45 PLUG 8P8C46-607Cat 6, unshielded
CanfordCabling AccessoriesBNC STRAIN RELIEF BUSH48-252Group X
CanfordCabling AccessoriesBNC STRAIN RELIEF BUSH48-292Group Y
CanfordCabling AccessoriesRJ45 STRAIN RELIEF BUSH46-3416Cat 6
CanfordCabling AccessoriesCABLE MARKER SET39-742PTV+45 Loose, 0-9
CanfordCabling AccessoriesCABLE MARKER SET39-743PTV+90 Loose, 0-9
CoaxToolsBNC CRIMP TOOL c/w dies55-8184group Q
CoaxToolsBNC CRIMP TOOL c/w dies55-8182groups X,Y
CanfordToolsDIN EXTRACTOR TOOL55-8181
CanfordToolsDIN EXTRACTOR TOOL55-512300mm
CanfordToolsMARKER FITTING TOOL39-897Size PTV+45
CanfordToolsMARKER FITTING TOOL39-947Size PTV+90
PaladinToolscoax stripper55-633For Video Cable
CanfordToolsAUTOMATIC STRIPPERS55-633For Audio Cable
MillerToolsWire stripper55-658For Audio Cable
PaladinToolsData Surestrip55-660For Cat6 Ethernet Cable
CanfordPatch PanelsVideo Patch Panel48-4318MUSA 3G HD PATCH PANEL 1U 2x24
CanfordPatch PanelsVideo Patch Panel Link48-4417MUSA 3G HD 1U U-LINK, Violet
CanfordPatch PanelsVideo Patch Cord45-5032PATCHCORD 600mm
CanfordPatch PanelsVideo Patch Cord45-5060PATCHCORD 1200mm
CanfordPatch PanelsAudio Patch Panel 2x4845-3271 BANTAM- nickel jacks, stereo-pitch
CanfordPatch PanelsAudio Patch Panel 2x4845-3215 B-GAUGE - nickel jacks, mono-pitch
CanfordPatch PanelsAudio Patch Cord43-996PATCHCORD Moulded plugs, 600mm
CanfordPatch PanelsCAT6 FEEDTHROUGH PATCH46-010PANEL 1U 24 way, unscreened
CanfordPatch PanelsBNC 3G HD TERMINATION PANEL 1U 1x2448-4206BNC Termination
CanfordPatch PanelsXLR TERMINATION PANEL 1U 1x16 XLRF, grey45-3300Female XLR
CanfordPatch PanelsXLR TERMINATION PANEL 1U 1x16 XLRM, grey45-3302Male XLR
CanfordPatch PanelsXLR TERMINATION PANEL 2U 1x16 XLRF(top), 1x16 XLRM (bottom), grey45-3308Male and Female XLR
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