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Blackmagic Design Authorised Dealers in India

Blackmagic Design is the Australian manufacturer of advanced technology instruments used in broadcast, post-production and film facilities. Blackmagic Design product catalogue offers most advanced video editing software products, routers, video converters, Ultrascope waveform monitors, colour correctors, restoration software, video hub routers and mini converters. These post production tools are used by creative professionals across the globe. RGB Broadcasting is the authorised dealers for Blackmagic products in India. To know more about their products click here.

Broadcast converters

Blackmagic  Design Converters are compact sized and advanced SDI converters built for studio, broadcast and video production facilities. The Blackmagic Converters are offered in 3 designs Mini Converter, Battery Converter and Mini Converter Heavy Duty.

Blackmagic Mini Converter Lightweight Design

Mini Converter Heavy Design Durable and tested for harsh environments.

Battery Converter Equipped with an internal rechargeable battery for operating in the field in the absence of external power.

The converters are available as Teranex Mini TM, Mini Converters and OpenGear Converters  that allow automatic switching between SD, Ultra HD 4K and HD models. There are simple mini switches included with input and output settings. All information needed for operation is included at the back of the converter. Included is a 12 V power supply with socket adapters and software updates are installed through the USB port. Some unique models are compatible with your own 12-31V DC power supply.

Disk Recorder and storage

Blackmagic™s Disk Recorder and Storage offers brilliant recording and storage options for creative professionals working in broadcast, media and studio environments. Available as HyperDeck Studio TM, HyperDeck Shuttle TM, Blackmagic MultiDock TM and BlackMagic Video Assist TM, these disk recorder and storage products are valued for their advanced features, compact designs and superior experience that they deliver. You can buy these products from RGB, Blackmagic Design Authorised Dealers in India.

HyperDeck Studio TM

Slim rack mount style broadcast decks with dual slots that offer non-stop recording. This professional deck allows directly recording to industry standard DNxHD video and ProRes formats or uncompressed files. Compatible with cameras or video feed, you can easily produce files to for product or post-production environment! HyperDeck Studio is compact sized and can be managed on any equipment rack or flyway kit!

HyperDeck Shuttle TM

HyperDeck Shuttle is the world’s most advanced and compact solid state disk 4:2:2 recorder with SDI and HDMI. This recorder offers the freedom of working with compressed and uncompressed video files anywhere. You can take it to sets, live events, field or sporting event shoots. With the internal battery, you only need to recharge and take them anywhere. HyperDeck can be virtually connected to any deck, monitor or camera.

Blackmagic MultiDock TM

Blackmagic MultiDock TM is a Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 disk dock that allows users to directly edit from their disks. The MultiDock allows fast transfer speeds at 20 Gb/s with a single cable connectivity and offers large flexibility, thereby making it perfect to carry project files between studios.

Blackmagic Video Assist TM

Blackmagic Video Assist TM makes professional video recording and monitoring easy with any camera. The built-in recorder comes with high speed SD cards that allow recording professional ProRes and DNxHD files with best quality!

Capture and playback cards

Blackmagics capture and playback cards are available in following models

UltraStudio for Thunderbolt

Equipped with Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 technology the UltraStudio allows working with highest quality videos up to Ultra HD 4K! UltraStudio is compatible with most video software’s such as Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Creative Suite, etc. Available in desktop, portable or rackmount designs, you can employ them for Thunderbolt models with HDMI, SDI and analog videos.


DeckLink are capture cards built for Linux, Vindows and Mac. DeckLink capture and playback cards are used largely used in production of music videos, televised episodes, Hollywood feature films and television commercials. These capture cards are perfect for post production SD, 3D, HD and Ultra HD!

UltraStudio for USB 3.0

Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Pro and UltraStudio SDI capture and playback solutions for USB 3.0 and allows capturing videos anywhere. Featuring low jitter 3G-SDI connectors, UltraStudio are becoming preferred choice for broadcasting networks around the world. The compact sized UltraStudio for USB 3.0 are lightweight and can sit on your desk.

Intensity Pro 4K

Intensity Pro 4K allows quality capture and playback from SD, Ultra HD and HD devices. This device can be used to edit and streamline video files, convert old tapes and capture game play as well as supports video formats up to 1080p60 and 2160 p30.


Blackmagic Design Intensity allows 10 bit HDMI and analog video editing in SD and HD devices. Intensity is compatible with professional video standards and can be connected to computers using Thunderbolt technology or USB 3.0 for data transfer.

Live production switchers

Blackmagics Live production switchers are available in following models

ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K

ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Studio 4K are advanced production switchers that allow you to switch between SD, HD or Ultra HD video standards to create live production with video sources such as disk recorders, animation from computers, cameras and more. It can be connected to HDMI and SDI equipments with HD, Ultra HD and SD inputs. It allows effective transitions, digital video effects and multibox compositions.

ATEM Production Studio 4K

ATEM Production Studio 4K are the most advanced production switchers used by production and post production crews around the world. The ATEM Production 4K is used by production teams during sporting events, live concerts, conferences, theatre productions and more. Blackmagic Design ATEM Production 4K ATEM live production switchers offer dynamic control features! You can control the switcher from any desktop or laptop using the included ATEM software control panel added for Mac and Windows. The hardware based ATEM 1 M/E or 2 M/E panel with knobs, buttons and faders will allow faster switching in highly tensed live production facilities.

ATEM Television Studio

The ATEM Television Studio is used to produce live professional HD videos such as school events, corporate meetings, theatrical events, weddings and more. The ATEM Television Studio offers full control through sophisticated software control panel. You can use the parameter palette panels and the switcher to switch live cameras, change key settings and transitions. ATEM features in-built multi view output, which offers brilliant view of up to 10 channels of video on a SDI or HDMI television. ATEM Television Studio allows live production with up to 6 cameras, professional on-screen audio mixing and remote control for Blackmagic Studio cameras.

ATEM Camera and Studio Converters

Blackmagic Design ATEM Camera and Studio converters are perfect for recording live events or entertainment programs, where cameras are placed in remote locations, when there is distance between the switcher and live action. Blackmagic Design ATEM Converters are employed for live production and can be used for professional SDI or consumer HDMI cameras.

ATEM Talkback Converter 4K

Blackmagic Design ATEM Talkback Converter 4K can support up to 8 cameras of Blackmagic Studio cameras. There is included front panel, 12G SDI for formats up to 2160p60 and headset connections. Buy Blackmagic Design 4K converters from RGB, Blackmagic Design Authorised Dealers in India.

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