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Customer Profile

Asianet News Media and Entertianment Pvt Ltd, is one of the popular television news channels in India with a strong team of experienced journalists and an extensive network of news team. Equipped with the latest technology, Asianet News has been consistently been on top of TV rankings across all viewership statistics. The innovative and varied nature of programming content and formats have kept a diverse, but loyal, audience forever engaged to Asianet News.

Business Challenge

To migrate the existing multilingual VOD video platforms (from channels like Suvarna and Asianet) to a new cloud platform. As a solution provider and technology consultant, the biggest challenge for RGB Broadcasting was not only suggesting the new platform, but also overseeing its proper implementation.

Business Value

RGB’s vast technical expertise and access to the best-in-breed business solutions aided the team at Asianet News – Digital to harness the advantages of cloud computing efficiently. This adoption has streamlined content flow from content creator to broadcasters, and post-production workflows. The content delivery to multiple distribution platforms has now become easy. Additionally, the Asianet team can now easily commission the content creation across the geographies easily, and gain access to the early versions, and provide quick feedback. Thus, there is enough room for reviews, feedbacks, and correction in a real-time, as the content is produced.

RGBs Contribution

During the early phase, the RGB team worked closely with the client to understand their challenges, and requirements. In the next phase, the team of RGB experts suggested the client to adopt Brightcove Video Cloud. This is one of the most advanced video publishing and hosting platform available for purchase. After seeking approval, the integration and migration were performed easily.

Here the challenge was mainly not to touch the work flow of their editors and publishers from their previous platform and thus making sure that their content flow is never disturbed. This involved keeping their front end almost the same while the back end was migrated to Brightcove Video Cloud.

The whole implementation project was completed in shortest time possible considering the end to end integration of their CMS with Brightcove.

Later the stake holders were given training in the OEM CMS in case they need to use it directly for video management rather than using their custom CMS interface.

Our team consistently guided editors and publishers in understanding the crucial phases like video uploading and management, creating customized reports, social sharing and tagging, tracking analytics, etc. Also, we helped the team at Asianet News – Digital to understand the API workflows which were used in the integrations.

“Asianet News Network is positioned as South India’s leading Multilingual Video News and Entertainment destination ( Video forms the core of our content monetisation strategy. We chose to partner with Brightcove as an end-to-end video platform for its superior technology capabilities in rendering and playback. Our entire experience with RGB – implementation partner was seamless as well. From handling multiple transition challenges to going beyond the contractual obligations to hand-hold internal development teams, the team at RGB met our expectations.”- Anoop N, COO – Asianet News Digital