Al Ain

Customer Profile

Al Ain Equestrian club is the UAE based sports club with its own broadcasting facility and an entity of the famous Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting and Golf club. Launched in 2007, Al Ain hosts various national and international sporting events. The Equestrian club attracts Equestrian enthusiasts from across the world. Al Ain televises horse races from its tracks for equestrian enthusiasts as well as e-gamers. Al Ain’s equestrian experts provide viewers commentary, news and free information about the sporting event.

Business Challenge

Al Ain keeps its equestrian loyalists on the edge by televising high-action horseracing events from its racing tracks. Horseracing is well-known for its speedy actions and engaging visual experiences. Like any equestrian club, Al Ain depended (still depends) on technology systems to meet demands of its customers. Al Ain decided to upgrade its broadcasting infrastructure and distribution facilities to deliver “as-if-I-was-there” experience to its viewers.

RGBs Contribution

RGB has facilitated the project as a lead consultant and solution integrator. As part of the project, RGB conceptualized, designed and implemented the solution that enables seamless data transfer, workflow management and enhances viewers engagement. This broadcast infrastructure upgrade project allows Al Ain to simplify daily operations, minimize human resources and errors. The good news is this automation empowers the non-technical workforce to manage all production functions efficiently and ensures maximum productivity.

Business Value

Al Ain Equestrian Club not only faced the big challenge of upgrading its broadcasting infrastructure, but doing it without disturbing its current delivery structure. RGB understood this challenge involves more than tunnel visioning of the business processes and technology. As always RGB was committed to help its client to better their business process.

Al Ain has hit bulls eye with RGB engagement, which brilliantly integrated various systems and processes to deliver a state-of-the art broadcasting facility. This engagement also allowed Al Ain harness its resource pool featuring products from best manufacturers across the globe. In addition to upgrade and optimizing the broadcasting facility, the Al Ain club could enhance their monetization models and improve their outreach as well. Today, Al Ain Equestrian Club takes pride in a business that is profitable and productive than ever before.