ADSE Abu Dhabi stock exchange

//ADSE Abu Dhabi stock exchange


Customer Profile

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (A.D.X) is a Abu Dhabi, UAE based stock exchange that allows UAE based companies to trade their shares. Established in 2000, A.D.X has more companies listed than its competitor Dubai Financial Market (DFM). Today, A.D.X caters to more niche sectors than DFM.

Business Challenge

Like any other stock exchange, A.D.X depends on high transaction infrastructure to conduct it daily process. In response to increasing customer demands for a better service, Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange decided to automate their processes for workflow control and better productivity. A.D.X envisioned a state-of-the-art production management and information management structure within the Stock Exchange. After many trials and rigorous scrutinization, RGB was chosen as the lead project facilitator and integrator. This two-dimensional service requirement challenged RGBs might as reliable broadcast system integrators.

Business Value

Today, A.D.X can manage their daily operations efficiently, as they dont’ have to waste time correcting small elements of the workflow. The automated workflow has allowed A.D.X to reduce manual errors, save time, channelize the information flow and minimize their TCO. Today, RGB holds the distinction of automating the most happening stock exchange in the UAE.

RGBs Contribution

RGB consulting was assigned the task of infrastructure upgrade and analysis to identify low points of the existing network infrastructure. A proven upgrade plan was developed to move all existing systems within the network to the new network infrastructure without disturbing the daily business.

RGB tailored a new Broadcast IT design using best-of-the-breed products from its resource pool for wiring to network monitoring systems. The optimized plan of action made the installations and implementations easier without any interruption to daily business. The new infrastructure guarantees efficient work flow processes, better productivity and agility.