OTT Monetization

OTT Challenges and Monetization Opportunities for Broadcasters?

Over-the-top video (OTT) video content or on-demand content has become a trend. It is not a technology-driven trend, but it meets the basic viewer requirement – to access the favorite video content,

Cyber Security Threats in the Media and Broadcasting Industry


Today, most media and broadcasting companies are operating in digitized environments. This means they have to remain online 24/7. These companies are competing against each other to keep their viewers updated with the “latest” and “breaking news” through their websites,

Digital News Gathering

Digital News Gathering Tools are Here to Stay


Time is the key to success in a media and broadcasting industry. People are always eager to know the latest news as soon as it happens. They are always looking for potent and reliable sources of news gathering.

Future TV Trends

Three Trends Directing The Future of Television [ Infographics ]

Today, television viewing is a different experience than the Golden Age of Television, or retro-era. Similarly, tomorrows television experience will be different from today’s. Earlier television viewership was dictated by networks.


Why is HDR the Next Big Trend to Watch for in 2017?


High Definition has been a buzzword for quite a few years now. It seems that ever year, the term is assuming new dimensions with rapid technology evolution.

Cloud Broadcasting

Cloud Computing : 5 Ways Broadcasters Benefit from Cloud

The market dynamics for broadcasting has changed. It has become a global business. This means broadcasting is no more a business confined to boundaries of a country. Also, over the years broadcasting has become very complex,

IP Broadcasting

Broadcast IP : Why Does it Matters?


Broadcast IP is redefining broadcasting landscape, which was previously dominated by legacy hardware systems. This technology enables high operational flexibility and efficiency, which makes it popular across broadcasting industry.

Broadcast and Media Technology Trends

5 Key Broadcast Technology Trends 2017 


2016 is now referred as “last year”, and at RGB, we are focusing on key broadcast and media technology trends that will drive our broadcast and media industry in the current year 2017.

OTT Trends India

4 Key Trends Contributing to the Growth of OTT Services in India


India is perceived as an attractive business landscape by global digital content brand players. This fact can be corroborated by the recent entry of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in India.

OTT Services by RGB Broadcasting

How RGB Broadcasting Competes with Other Brand Players in Over the Top (OTT) & IPTV Market in India? 


The Over The Top (OTT ) & IPTV market is highly competitive with both international and domestic companies trying to outdo each other.